Business Model

The Ambient Core Services (ACS) business model is unique to staffing/talent acquisition. The ACS team has a variety of experience in this field. We have been consultants and placed in situations. We’ve also used recruiters to find full-time employees. And, we’ve leveraged a variety of temporary staffing scenarios. However, this is the first time the ACS leadership team has been involved in operating a staffing/talent acquisition company.

ACS was created out of a desire to streamline the employer-employee connection process. Similarly, ACS wants to improve the economics for the consultant/employee and the employer. ACS wants the employee to retain as much of the wage as possible. ACS also believes that, by facilitating more direct connection, the employer can reduce outsourcing and/or talent acquisition costs.

Similar to the above, ACS understands that relationships are the key to any working engagement. As a result, ACS has created an agent network that will help facilitate connections between employees and employers. Agents will collect a referral fee based on work they coordinate, but these will not be employees of ACS.